Diversity Portal

  Peter Winandy

The diversity portal gives an overview of all offers and activities supporting a fair and constructive cooperation at RWTH Aachen University with the aim to change the organizational culture and address all university members considering their diverse social and cultural background.


Diversity Activities at RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University strives to enable all of its members an environment in which anyone can work, do research and learn independently of their sex, age, origin, skin color, religion, disability or sexual orientation. The implementation of a Gender and Diversity Management therefore promotes an open university culture.


Main Objectives

Gender Equality

Because of the still low proportion of women at the higher academic levels, gender equality is a crucial concern at RWTH Aachen Unversity. The main focus lies on university development planning, equal opportunities in personnel development and improvement of working and studying conditions.

Selected offers and activities:

  • Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development
    The Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development is responsible for measures concerning the personnel development concept and young researchers’ development, while especially emphasizing equal opportunities and diversity.
  • The Aachen gender triangle
    The gender triangle consists of IGaD, the Equal Opportunities Office and three professorships with gender denomination. The rectorate of the RWTH plays a key role. The main goal is to connect experiences from working in the gender equality field with scientific impulses from the professorships and to develop new, practical recommendations for more gender equality at RWTH.
  • Gender Equality Plans
    North Rhine-Westphalia’s new law on gender equality (Landesgleichstellungsgesetz, LGG) has been in force since December 2016. The previous Women’s Promotion Plan for the improvement of the equality between men and women expires in October 2017 and will be replaced by gender equality plans. The creation of a new gender equality plan is currently in progress and it will have duration of five years. The faculties, institutions and all responsible bodies are included in this process.
  • Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia - FESTA
    The EU project FESTA running from 2012 to 2017 was focused on strengthening the position of women in science and technology and by that creating a university with equality.

Equality in Education

Achieving equal opportunities for admission requirements at universities, easing the start of studies as well as decreasing the dropout rates are some of the most important topics regarding equality in education. RWTH Aachen provides appropriate offers to improve teaching with regard to diversity and the different needs that students might have.

Selected offers and acitivities:

  • DiVers – Diversity competences in university teaching
    The e-learning tool focuses on the strengthening of methods, the social expertise and the self-competence of the teaching staff as well as on university didactics which enables equal participation for all students considering all their differences. Apart from the self-test, the offer covers various learning modules and an extensive glossary.
  • RWTH projects for school students
    RWTH Aachen University has built up a program for children and students from preschool age to high school: lecture series, experimental days, introductory offers, orientation weeks or diverse information sessions enable school students to get to know the university and its benefits.
  • Project “A good academic start in engineering”
    Since April 2015 RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen cooperate in the initiative “Semester 0”. According to this initiative, students can enroll at both universities for the summer semester and use it as orientation period. After having gained first impressions in the summer term, they then choose what university and what course of study to enroll in in the upcoming winter term.
  • Computer Science Mentoring
    The project supports first-year students in the introductory phase. Students in higher semesters are the mentors.
  • Career Center: Careers for international students
    Together with the Federal Employment Agency and the Employment Agency Aachen-Düren, the International Office and Career Center are collaborating to offer a special program for international students with the aim to ease their labour market integration: Selected students from RWTH are prepared for the application process through intensive counseling and individual coaching. They are also brought together with German employers.
  • Language Center
    The offers of the Language Center aim at increasing the international mobility of the students at the RWTH Aachen as well as integrating international scientists and students.


A long-term goal is the creation of an accessible and non-discriminatory university which enables unlimited access, respects differences and similarities and promotes awareness about possible inequalities. In order to guarantee people with disabilities as well as chronically ill people successful studies or a successful professional life, RWTH Aachen University has intensified its work in removing the existing spatial, structural and communicational barriers.

Selected offers and activities:

  • Webpage: Studying with disability or chronical illness

    The Officers for the concerns of disabled and chronically ill students offer counseling regarding studying with a disability or a chronical illness.

  • Diversity Fund

    The RWTH Aachen supports diversity at the workplace with the measure “Place to Be”. The Diversity Fund was created in order to support financially talented doctoral candidates over the course of three years.

  • SinGes – Competence Center for Sign and Body Language

    The Competence Center for Sign and Body Language works on different scientific and practical projects which include the topics accessible education, media and didactics, professional rehabilitation, media competence, sign language, sign language interpreters and body language.

  • Seminar “Accessible teaching” in ExAcT – Center of Excellence in Academic Teaching
    The seminar “Accessible Teaching” focuses on the creation of better university teaching and the individual requirements that students with disabilities have.

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