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Decentralized Gender Consulting


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RWTH Aachen University employs a large number of young female scholars, who are working towards a professorship. In general, they are well integrated into their respective working groups and the scientific community. However, the university ranking according to equal opportunities (CEWS) shows that women are still under-represented in scholarly leadership positions. At RWTH Aachen University just 15% of professorships are held by women. One of the reasons for this is the so-called ‘leaky pipeline’: even though there are more female than male first-year students, significantly more women than men leave academia along the career ladder. To counteract this effect and to support young scientists in establishing their careers, they should be strengthened in preparation of their own research proposal. The Decentralized Gender Consulting establishes a consulting service for young female scholars on a trial base, in order to assist and advise the women already before the start of the application process.


Target setting

The primary objective of the Decentralized Gender Consulting is to support young female researchers on their path to becoming a professor raising, thus the percentage of women in scholarly leadership positions. By addressing the target group directly, young female scholars shall be strengthened in preparation of their own research proposals.

The Decentralized Gender Consulting should supplement the already established consulting services of RWTH Aachen University.

Target Group

  • Post-docs
  • assistant (junior-) professor

FiF brochure "Gender an Equal Opportunities under Horizon 2020"

The contact point FiF (Women into EU research) has published a brochure in English on how to take gender and equal opportunities into consideration in Horizon 2020 projects. The brochure explains the different aspects of gender and equal opportunities and briefly presents the FiF contact point. In addition, the brochure gives numerous examples of projects successful in Horizon 2020.