Task Force Inclusion

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The Task Force (TF) Inclusion, which was founded on April 16, 2018, aims to further develop RWTH Aachen University into an inclusive university. The TF perceives itself as a body of experts from the university, which makes recommendations for the Senate and the Rectorate. 


Chaired by Prof. Irene Middelberg and accompanied by the IGaD, which holds the management, the topics and tasks of the WG Inclusion are:

  • Analysis of existing activities on inclusion and accessibility at RWTH Aachen University
  • Derivation of needs for action
  • Ensuring sustainability and quality development
  • Strategic (further) development or strategic anchoring
  • Creation of an inclusion plan
  • Examination of the fulfillment of legal requirements (UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as state and federal legislation)
  • Examination of the implementation possibilities of the above-mentioned recommendation of the HRK at the RWTH.

The members of the Inclusion Working Group come from all areas of the university. In addition, there is an advisory board with representatives who fulfill central tasks for the area of inclusion at the university.


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The working group usually meets twice a year.


The professional exchange takes place mainly within the framework of six working groups.

The working groups (WGs) of the AK Inklusion are as follows


1. Sensitization, competence development and public relations: department 3 - press, department 5 - organization and IT, SignGes, VORSCHUB, CLS, IT-Center

2. Building accessibility: department 10 - facility management, department 10.2 - construction management, department 5 - organization and IT, SBV, VORSCHUB, staff office occupational safety and radiation protection, group representation BTV, IT-Center, individual students and employees

3. Employees: department 8 - staff, staff councils, department 12 - staff development and talent management, SBV, BGM, university physician, faculty 4, HSZ, staff office for occupational safety and radiation protection, ExAcT (CLS)

4. Students: department 1 - academic and student affairs, department 1.4 - central student advising, department 6.2 - teaching, group representation of WMs, VORSCHUB, SGM, HSZ

5. Research content: SignGes, teacher education center, other academics