Statistics on Gender at RWTH


Each year, the department for planning, development and controlling (6.0) at RWTH Aachen provides key data for the previous academic year and fiscal year. In the following charts, we graphically present the figures from the year 2021.

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The current figures from 2021 show that the proportion of women and men in the status groups of students, graduates and doctoral students is almost equal. After the doctorate stage, however, there is a slump and the gap widens.

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Overall, only 20 percent of professors at RWTH Aachen University are female in 2021. The proportion in the Federal Republic of Germany is 37 percent (cf. Federal Statistical Office. (September 22, 2022). Number of full-time male and female professors at German universities from 1999 to 2021 [Graph]. In Statista. Accessed December 11, 2022).


Gender Monitoring at RWTH

The Equal Opportunities Office also annually compiles the Gender Montoring. There you can find the collected data on the equality indicators that the university has set as target figures for the coming years.
With the help of Gender Monitoring, developments, stagnation, but also regressions can be made visible. In this way, it is possible to determine whether the measures taken to increase equal opportunities are working or whether they need to be readjusted.


Graduates of RWTH in 2021 sorted by faculties


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