Equal Opportunities, Gender Equality & Gender Mainstreaming


Equal treatment and equal opportunities have been firmly established as priorities at the management level of RWTH Aachen for many years. As cross-divisional tasks in the areas of HR development, organizational development, research and teaching as well as work-life balance, they are essential criteria for internal university development strategies and are therefore taken into account in all of the central regulations and concepts at RWTH.


Increasing the Proportion of Women

In order to increase the proportion of women at the various status levels, RWTH has set objectives in its strategy for the future that will be fulfilled by implementing comprehensive equality measures. In particular, the proportion of women in professorships, which was 15.8 percent at the end of 2014, should increase to 20 percent by 2020.

From Equality to Diversity

Given this context, as described in the RWTH equality concept from 2008, the main focus so far has been on gender equality. However, since gender is only one of many diversity categories, the equality strategy was also integrated into the diversity concept.

The underlying structure of our gender practice is the “gender triangle.” The RWTH Rector’s Office plays a central role in Aachen’s “gender triangle,” which consists of the IGaD, the Equal Opportunities Office and three Gender professorships. Within this framework, practical experience from the area of equality work will be combined with scholarly ideas from the Gender professors, and new, practical recommendations will be developed in order to improve gender equality at RWTH. Our many years of experience with equality work offer a wide range of opportunities for transferring our experience and competences to activities in other diversity contexts.