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RWTH Aachen University has twice emerged from the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments successfully and strenghtened - not least because, as an integrated interdisciplinary technical university, it meets the requirements regarding the implementation of an organizational culture and staff policy geared to equal opportunities.


Gender Equality and Diversity

We will be happy to talk to you about our work, or to advise you on any issues relating to gender or diversity.


At RWTH Aachen University, equal opportunity is a strategic cross-sectional and declared management task that is firmly anchored in the university structure. Since 2007, the Rectorate Staff Unit Integration Team - Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD for short, has been working closely with the Rectorate to raise awareness at all levels of the university of the need for appreciative interaction and to provide impetus for the active promotion of equality and equal opportunities.

IGaD supports and advises all higher education institutions in the integration of gender and diversity perspectives, accompanies the development or implementation of appropriate measures and thus makes an indispensable contribution to a sustainable change in the university culture, in which the diversity of people is taken into account and understood as potential and opportunity.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ralitsa Petrova-Stoyanov, the Staff Unit's current work focuses on shaping the internal communication on gender and diversity issues and working on the university's strategies in the area of equal opportunities and gender equality. IGaD is currently working with forumDIVERSITY to further develop RWTH's diversity strategy.

The basis of the Staff Unit's work is a strong cooperation with all actors involved in gender- and diversity-relevant processes.


Dr. phil. Ralitsa Petrova-Stoyanov

Head of Division