Cooperations & Networks

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The strengthening of equal opportunities and the appreciation of diversity is not possible without the cooperation with internal and external partners as well as the integration into cross-university networks.

In addition to the close cooperation with central actors of RWTH such as the Vice-Rectorate for Human Resources Management and Development and the Equal Opportunities Office, IGaD is in fruitful exchange with numerous departments of the university administration, the faculties as well as many institutions of RWTH, including SignGes - Competence Center for Sign Language and Gestures of RWTH, ExAcT - Excellent Academic Teaching, and the University Sports Center.

The following external cooperations and networks enrich the work of IGaD:


External Cooperations and Networks

“Wissenschaftsstadt Aachen” Working Group from the Family Alliance

The working group for a family-friendly academic city works within the context of the Aachen Family Alliance (de), which is committed to creating more family-friendliness in Aachen. The goal of the working group is to achieve more family-friendly conditions for academics, non-academic employees and students, and to implement need-based measures.

Women's & Gender Research Network NRW

The Women's & Gender Research Network NRW promotes gender-related exchanges in the area of academic research.

Forum Mentoring e.V.

The TANDEM mentoring programs are members of Forum Mentoring e.V. (de), the federal association of mentoring in academia. Its goals are to initiate, conceptually further develop, institutionalize, and perform quality assurance for mentoring measures, in terms of equal opportunity for young academics, and for academic HR development. 

eument-net - European Network of Mentoring Programmes

The European Network of Mentoring Programs eument-net supports the development and improvement of mentoring programs in academia and research.

Diversity in Higher Education Network

The national Network Diversity in Higher Education Working Group presents and explains experiences with – and good examples of – diversity management in higher education. As a rule, their meetings focus on diversity-related issues.

GenderConsulting Network for Research Associations

The GenderConsulting Network for research associations brings together equality actors who work with gender consulting and who develop and implement equality measures for research associations in higher education.

State Working Group Study and Disability NRW

The LAG SB NRW represents the interests of the commissioned and advising persons for disabled and chronically ill students in the federal state of NRW.