Cooperations and Networks



RWTH Aachen Equal Opportunities Office

In compliance with the State Equality Act, the Equal Opportunities Officer supports women’s empowerment and equality, and helps implement the Act as well as all other regulations and measures that can or could affect gender equality. To support family-friendly university development, the IGaD works closely with the Family Services Center of the Equal Opportunities Office.

SignGes - Competence Centre for Sign Language and Gesture

The goal of SignGes, the competence center for sign language and gesture, is to improve social integration and participation as well as accessible communication and education for people with handicaps.

RWTH Aachen University Medical Center

In addition to preventing and diagnosing diseases that can result from occupational activities, the University Medical Center is responsible for reintegration and rehabilitation measures.

CLS - Center für Lehr- und Lernservices

ExAcT - Excellent Academic Teaching

RWTH Aachen University Sports Center

RWTH University Sports Center is a central institution that organizes need-based and qualified athletics and exercise offerings for Aachen’s universities.

TANDEM Mentoring Programs at the Faculty of Medicine

In addition to the TANDEM mentoring programs hosted by the IGaD, the Department of Medicine at RWTH Aachen offers further TANDEM mentoring programs for various target groups within the field of medicine.

RWTH Aachen Mentoring System

The Aachen mentoring model is a comprehensive mentoring system that offers advice and support throughout a student’s academic career, both systematically and through one-on-one conversations.

FZ Jülich Human Resource Development

The cooperation partners in the TANDEMplus mentoring program are RWTH, the Human Resource Development department at Forschungszentrum Jülich, and the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT).

University of Cologne

As part of the DiVers project, the IGaD cooperates with the Office of Gender Quality Management at the University of Cologne.



Equal Treament and Antidiscimination Round Table

The members of the Equal Treament and Antidiscimination Round Table at RWTH Aachen champion a culture of awareness, and promote values like fairness and equal treatment at the university.

Health Promotion Working Group at RWTH Aachen

The Health Promotion Working Group includes representatives from relevant university institutions who work together to pursue the goal of a “healthy university.” The working group was initiated by the University Medical Center and the RWTH Aachen University Sports (de), which are both responsible for coordinating it.

“Wissenschaftsstadt Aachen” Working Group from the Family Alliance

The working group for a family-friendly academic city works within the context of the Aachen Family Alliance (de), which is committed to creating more family-friendliness in Aachen. The goal of the working group is to achieve more family-friendly conditions for academics, non-academic employees and students, and to implement need-based measures.

Women's & Gender Research Network NRW

The Women's & Gender Research Network NRW promotes gender-related exchanges in the area of academic research.


KomDim, the center for developing Diversity Management competences in higher-education study and teaching in North Rhine-Westphalia, funded the cooperation project "DiVers - Didactics and Diversity in Higher-Education Teaching" at the University of Cologne and RWTH Aachen in 2014.


LaKoF NRW (de) brings together the equal opportunities officers from college and university hospitals in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. As per the State Equality Act (Landesgleichstellungsgesetz, LGG), LaKoF NRW works to implement gender equality in higher education.


BuKoF (de) is the association of Women’s and Equality Officers in higher education. In particular, they represent the interests of women at colleges and universities.

Forum Mentoring e.V.

The TANDEM mentoring programs are members of Forum Mentoring e.V. (de), the federal association of mentoring in academia. Its goals are to initiate, conceptually further develop, institutionalize, and perform quality assurance for mentoring measures, in terms of equal opportunity for young academics, and for academic HR development. 

Mentoring Network in NRW

The TANDEM mentoring programs are members of the “Mentoring Network in NRW” regional group, which promotes extensive exchanges between mentoring programs at colleges and universities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Diversity in Higher Education Network

The national Network Diversity in Higher Education Working Group presents and explains experiences with – and good examples of – diversity management in higher education. As a rule, their meetings focus on diversity-related issues.

Gender Controlling Network

The national Gender Controlling Network facilitates a collegial exchange about experiences with controlling and monitoring in the areas of gender and diversity in higher education.

GenderConsulting Network for Research Associations

The GenderConsulting Network for research associations brings together equality actors who work with gender consulting and who develop and implement equality measures for research associations in higher education.