Diversity Management at RWTH Aachen

  Portrait Copyright: Fabian Erler  

In 2007, with its institutional strategy “RWTH 2020: Meeting Global Challenges,” RWTH Aachen committed to a “People Policy” that prioritizes equal opportunities as part of an innovative, lively university culture. The policy makes a significant contribution to excellent research and teaching.

By implementing this “People Policy,” RWTH Aachen will become “the place to be,” attracting and retaining talented and diverse academics, students and employees and allowing them to reach their full potential. Equal opportunity and diversity are the keys to realizing this vision.

Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination

However, this can only be realized in an environment that is shaped by people’s fair, non-discriminatory treatment of one another. With great appreciation, RWTH Aachen promotes diversity among the members of the university, since this strengthens the university as a whole and becomes a benefit. The goal is to create a culture of cooperation.

Diversity management at RWTH Aachen includes various target perspectives. In terms of educational equality, the university wants to become more open and to prevent the exclusion of under-represented social groups. At the same time, it is developing future-oriented strategies that respond to social policies and global challenges.