Diversity & Diversity Management


Equality, equal opportunities and the appreciation of diversity are fundamental principles of the culture at RWTH Aachen University- in research, teaching, studies and careers as well as in university management.


RWTH Aachen University explicitly understands the diversity of all university members as potential, opportunity and enrichment. It is therefore committed to respectful and collaborative interaction in everyday university life, actively counteracts possible discrimination and promotes a sustainable open and vibrant organizational culture.

At the management level, diversity management is anchored in the Vice-Rectorate for Human Resources Management and Development and the Vice-Rectorate for International Affairs. They cooperate closely with the Rectorate Staff Unit Integration Team - Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management (IGaD for short), which since 2007 has acted as a central point of contact for the coordination and networking of all processes and activities in the context of diversity and inclusion. As part of the internationalization strategy, the Vice-Rectorate for International Affairs, together with the International Office, develops measures with a focus on the topics of equal opportunities and diversity. In 2018, the Taskforce Inclusion was founded, which is responsible for the creation of the Inclusion Action Plan. Since 2013, RWTH Aachen University has consistently pursued its own diversity strategy, coordinated by the forumDIVERSITY committee, and regularly updates it.

Equal opportunity and diversity are cross-cutting issues that are included in all of the university's central strategy papers and guidelines. There are numerous central offers and measures for employees and students at RWTH, such as the AGG Complaints Office and advice and cooperation with the faculties. Lecturers can obtain further training on the topics of diversity-friendly and barrier-free teaching from the Center of Excellence in Academic Teaching (ExAcT) of the Center for Teaching and Learning Services (CLS). Three relevant teaching and research areas at RWTH also address gender and diversity: gender and diversity in engineering, neuropsychology, and technology and diversity.

RWTH Aachen University regularly faces relevant certification and competitive procedures in the area of equal opportunities. For example, the university has regularly been awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY rating since 2005, and has also been awarded the Diversity rating since 2017. RWTH Aachen University has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2009 and celebrates the German Diversity Day with various activities every year.