forumDIVERSITY - Steering Committee for the Design of Diversity Policy at RWTH Aachen University


Initiated by IGaD in 2015, forumDIVERSITY has established itself as central steering committee for shaping the Diversity Policy of RWTH Aachen University. Hand in hand with the members of forumDIVERSITY, who all have thematic references to diversity and equal opportunities, IGaD has managed to realign RWTH's Diversity Management.


Regarding the creation of a diverse and inclusive working and study environment as well as the realization of equal opportunities in all university areas, the objectives have been specified as follows:

Opening the university

  • more educational equity
  • more equitable access
  • broader social participation
Initiating cultural change
  • appreciation of diversity
  • equal study and career paths
Designing a life-phase-oriented
staff policy
  • consideration of diverse life plans

  • inclusion of individual qualification phases

Strengthening of Gender and
Diversity skills

  • diversity-sensitive leadership
  • non-discriminatory interaction

*** Mitglieder im forumDIVERSITY ***