Initiated by IGaD in 2015, forumDIVERSITY has established itself as central steering committee for reflecting on and coordinating the Diversity Policy of RWTH Aachen University. 


The members of forumDIVERSITY are established university actors with a strong thematic bond to diversity. They are actively engaged in the development of activities and measures that are derived from the Diversity Policy. Amongst them the continutation of the university's Diversity Concept.

The strong interconnected way of work intensifies the effects of these participatory processes further and provides an extensive and transparent communication across all university areas. This cross-divisional and interdisciplinary cooperation especially focuses on a significant raise in awareness and acceptance of diversity and equal opportunities across the university as a whole, and further on developing, successfully implementing and assuring quality of relevant measures.


Members of forumDIVERSITY, amongst others, are

Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development,
Representative Council for Staff with Disabilities,
Advising for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses (VORSCHUB),
Operational Health Management,
University Medical Center,
Staff Council,
Staff Council for Academic Staff,
further: members from the faculties, the central administration and professors with gender denomination.