September 28, 2022: ERS & GesMINT Lecture by Prof. Tomas Brage

  Portrait Tomas Brage © Ellen Sandum Portrait Tomas Brage

At the joint invitation of the Exploratory Research Space (ERS) and the GesMINT project of RWTH, Prof. Tomas Brage held a lunch talk on "Gender Perspective on STEM - Always There, Sometimes Forgotten" on September 28, 2022 in the lecture hall building PPS. Using many illustrative examples from physics and other science disciplines, Prof. Brage explained what the gender dimension has to do with STEM research (even in research areas where the influence of gender may not be obvious at first glance), why it should not be forgotten, and what impact taking the gender dimension into account will have on the quality of STEM research and knowledge production.

Tomas Brage is Professor of Physics at the Division of Mathematical Physics at Lund University in Sweden. For the last 15 years, he has been intensively involved in gender equality work in Natural Science, especially in Physics and math-intensive disciplines. He gives talks on “Gender and Physics” around Europe and is active in several European networks. He is a steering group member for the workgroup for Gender of the Leading European Research Universities (LERU) network, the genderSTE COST network and the GENERA Horizon 2020 project.