Mentoring Program TANDEMdok


Career Management for female PhD Candidates

Female PhD students Copyright: © Martin Braun

The interdisciplinary program appeals to highly motivated female Ph.D. students, who are interested in a systematic development of their career and in an active configuration of their own professional biography.


Application Deadline

November 15-December 15, 2021




Gitta Doebert


+49 241 80 96563



Program Modules


Due to their individual aims each mentee will be given the opportunity to select her personal male or female mentor.


Different workshops are based on the specific needs of the target group and offer a range of possibilities of qualifying as well as opportunities to get feedback.


The contact between group members as well as the contact between different age groups extends the network and supports the mentees.

The one-year program cycle includes the mentee’s participation in kick-off and closing events, discussions and the evaluation program.

Benefit for the Mentees

Another thanks goes to my mentor and the mentoring-program TANDEMdok of RWTH Aachen University. Both have given me important incentives for my career.

  • Strategic incentives for the individual development of their career
  • Structuring and concretization of their professional targets
  • Efficient transition to the first job
  • Extension of relevant career competencies and individual key skills
  • Acquirement of knowledge about structures, processes and rules in science or economy
  • Advancement of their own interdisciplinary networks

Benefit for Mentors

  • Enthusiasm for their encouragement for young talents
  • Insight into the current situation in studies and the university
  • Reflection on their own career
  • Transfer of their own experience and knowledge to young scientists
  • Development of counseling skills and acquirement of new incentives for their own work

Selection of Mentees

The application for one of the 15 places is only possible by . The following documents are absolutely necessary:

  • a letter of motivation containing a meaningful explanation of your desire to participate,
  • the completed application form,
  • your curriculum vitae.

Please submit these in the above order in one .pdf document. Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.



  1. Matriculation at RWTH Aachen University
  2. Obligatory participation in the program events
  3. Commitment in establishing the mentorship
  4. Participation in the programs evaluation