TANDEM Mentoring Programs


Equal Opportunities by the Use of a Gender and Diversity-friendly Human Resources Developement

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The TANDEM mentoring programs are designed for specific target groups. At RWTH Aachen University, the programs are well established as instruments of a gender-equitable and diversity-promoting human resources development. The programs focus on career development and equal opportunities. Furthermore, they foster particularly talented female students, Ph.D students, and postdocs on their way to a future leading position.


With these programs RWTH Aachen is consciously fighting the "leaky pipeline" phenomenon: It is evident in all of the faculties that the percentage of women decreases as one moves up the hierarchy, despite their notable qualifications. Causes of this include lack of support in the development of suitable career strategies and a lack of female role models and supporting networks.

Talent Management by the Use of Mentoring

In general, mentoring refers to the commitment of experienced persons to those who are less experienced. For many years, RWTH Aachen University has offered formal mentoring programs with a structured approach to different target groups.

Renowned male and female mentors support talented mentees in a very individual way. They encourage them to plan their specific career and provide the mentees with their knowledge and own experiences.
Topics of the mentorships are, for example the development of professional prospects, the discussion of strategic plannings and the introduction to professional networks. In addition, the mentees qualify themselves in career-related workshops and usually build up sustainable networks.

In terms of the human resource development at RWTH Aachen University, there are currently the mentoring programs: TANDEMstud, TANDEMdok and TANDEMplus, which are established at the IGaD, whereas TANDEMmed, TANDEMpeerMed and TANDEMplusMED are established at the Faculty of Medicine.

The TANDEM mentoring programs are based upon the quality standards of Forum Mentoring e.V., the federation of mentoring in sciences.