Mathematics Graduation Ceremony & Teaching Awards


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Since 2011, outstanding and particularly involved lecturers and academic staff members have been honored with Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science Representative Council's teaching award.

More information about the teaching awards on the Representative Council 1.1 webpages


Prize Winners

PD Dr. Olaf Wittich "Best Independent Teaching”
Jan Knappman “Best Support for Teaching”

Dr. Alfred Wagner "Best Independent Teaching”
Henrik Haeger “Best Support for Teaching”
Prof. Arie Koster “Best Independent Teaching”
Dr. Felix Voigtlaender “Best Support for Teaching”
Prof. Eva Zerz “Best Independent Teaching”
Dipl. Math. Cornelia Dieckmann “Best Support for Teaching”
Prof. Erhard Cramer “Best Independent Teaching”
Dr. Sven Groß “Best Support for Teaching”
Prof. Heiko von der Mosel “Best Independent Teaching”
Dr. Wolfgang Herff “Best Support for Teaching”
Prof. Sebastian Walcher “Best Independent Teaching”
Dipl.-Math. Jens Berger “Best Support for Teaching”
Prof. Martin Grepl “Best Independent Teaching”
PD. Dr. Olaf Wittich

“Best Support for Teaching”