Academic Advising Services

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The School's Academic Advising Services is the first point-of-contact for students if they have questions about their courses, exams, or programs of study:

Academic Advising Services


Examination Management

Studying Abroad (Exchange Office)

Internship Office

Under the above links, you will find detailed information about the services offered. You can also take a look at

Academic Advising for Students

Name Contact
Leitung Studienmanagement-Studienberatung+Prüfungsmanagement
Dipl.-Kff. Janny Franken-Vogts
Phone.: +49 241 80 96211
Renate Engels-Halfmann M. A.
Phone.: +49 241 80 96145
Dipl.-Kff. Theresa Otten
Phone.: +49 241 80 99171
Dr. Sandra Silvertant
Phone.: +49 241 80 93960
Daniel Dirkes M. Sc. RWTH
Phone.: +49 241 80 96149
Dipl.-Kff. Agnes Völker
Phone.: +49 241 80 90961