Action Plan Inclusion

  Action Plan Inclusion of the RWTH 2021-2026 © Martin Braun

On July 22, 2021, the Senate of RWTH Aachen University unanimously approved the Inclusion Action Plan 2021-2026. This now provides a roadmap for RWTH's path to becoming an inclusive university - a goal the university has set itself as part of its current excellence and diversity strategy.


Quoting the Inclusion Action Plan of RWTH:

Everyone will benefit from becoming an inclusive university: The removal of barriers, the gain in perspectives and the appreciation of diversity is an academic, educational and social gain or added value.


In 2019, the rectorate commissioned the management of the Inclusion Working Group (AK Inklusion) to develop concrete objectives and measures for the inclusive design of university life. The result of the subsequent intensive discussion and strategy process, in which numerous actors from various areas of the university were involved with the AK Inklusion, is now available in the form of the action plan.

Specifically, the action plan identifies four overarching fields of action - cultural change and raising awareness of accessibility and the benefits of inclusion, structural and spatial accessibility, communicative, especially digital, accessibility, and information and counseling - and three major areas of responsibility - studying and teaching, working at the university, and research - in which inclusion will have to be implemented at the university.

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