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Gender Aspects in Horizon Europe - Significance and specific Funding Criteria

In the Horizon Europe Framework Program for Research and Innovation 2021-2027, gender aspects are given greater priority than in the previous research framework programs. From 2022, Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) will be a mandatory funding criterion. This means that public institutions, research organizations and universities must have a GEP or an equivalent strategy when submitting an application in order to be eligible for funding. 


Information about the GEP of RWTH Aachen University


More detailed information on gender equality plans and the formal requirements in this regard can be found on the website of the Contact Point Women in EU Research (FiF).

The contact point Women into EU Research (FiF) (in German) also offers:

  • presentations and workshops on EU research funding (Horizon Europe) and opportunities to participate
  • information, analyses and statistics on women’s participation and gender issues in European Research Policy,
  • advice on the integration of the gender dimension in research and innovation content in EU projects
  • and a newsletter (in German).

Gender Equality in EU Research

Regarding the topic "Gender equality in EU research", the EU project GENDERACTION has published three short English-language information videos:

The role of funding agencies in the promotion of gender equality in research and innovation

Gender equality policies in European research: Good practice criteria

Why we need gender equality actions?