Considering and reflecting Sex, Gender & Diversity Dimensions in Research


Since the DFG Senate's statement "Relevance of Sex, Gender and Diversity" of April 2020, the DFG requires that you reflect on your research design and content with regard to the consideration of gender and diversity aspects already in the research proposal. This is the only way to prevent gaps in the research results. The chapter "Relevance of gender and/or diversity" has now been included in all proposal templates.


*** Empfehlungen des Wissenschaftsrats (07/2023) ***


Research and product development are often based on one-sided normative standards. Variables such as sex and/or gender, social and/or ethnic affiliation, physical and/or psychological constitution, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or worldview, age, etc. often do not find adequate consideration in research designs and content.

This produces data and knowledge gaps that falsify research results, promote discrimination (e.g. sensors that only recognize light skin colors) and thus bias ways of thinking and decision-making, and - under certain circumstances - even pose a risk to life and limb of those who do not conform to the prototype (e.g. crash test dummies that are oriented towards the male physique).

In the sense of generally valid, transferable and sustainable research, scientists are therefore called upon to actively avoid or correct such biases in research.