Interdisciplinary symposium for women in STEM fields (Online)


The University of Technology Chemnitz will be hosting the interdisciplinary symposium ISINA for women in STEM fields from 30 to 31 March 2023.

  Poster of the conference with photo of a woman wearing a blazer Copyright: © TU Chemnitz

The conference takes place online!

You can expect:

• High-quality specialists presentations

• Exciting Workshops ("Boost your visibility" and "captivate your audience with your oral presentation" etc.)

• The special "going abroad" and a panel discussion on the topic of "international experiences"

Your benefits:

• Inspiration, creativity and visions for your professional life

• Personnel development, career planning and coaching within high-quality workshops

• Insight into interdisciplinary research

The symposium is addressed to female experts from science, female specialists and managers from business and industry as well as young female scientists and students of natural science and technical subjects.

The registration is open until 20 March 2023.
Further information can be found on the website of ISINA.