"Am I Saying It?", "Going to Law School as a Blind Person" and "How Inclusive Are Colleges. Listening recommendations for three new podcasts on inclusion topics.


The German Association for Rehabilitation (DVfR) offers podcasts about inclusion, rehabilitation and participation. In the first episode, "Do I say it? Impairment at work", the psychologist Dr. Jana Bauer from the University of Cologne is asked how to find the appropriate way to deal with one's own impairment at work. A self-test and further information on the topic can be found on the project page of the University of Cologne.

In the podcast "Studying Law as a Blind Person", Mr. Lonnemann reports in detail on his experiences during his law studies (including compensation for disadvantages), his legal clerkship and his job search as a blind lawyer. Listeners without visual impairments have the chance to get to know different facets of this life reality and to check their own attributions.

In SWR Kultur: Studieren mit Behinderung - Wie inklusiv sind Hochschulen (SWR Culture: Studying with Disabilities - How Inclusive are Universities?), Vera Kern talks with Nina Becker, a visually impaired student at the University of Mainz, Britta Wend, a wheelchair-using student at the Cologne Sport University, Holger Monschau, a student with Asperger's autism in Cologne, as well as Carsten Bender, head of the Counseling Center for Studies and Disabilities at the TU Dortmund University (DoBuS), Thomas Abel, Disability Officer at the Cologne Sport University, and Jens Kaffenberger, head of IBS in Berlin. The report is also available as a manuscript.