Career Center and IGaD theme evening (online): "Women managers report" with Annika Lipski


Female managers report with...
Annika Lipski Head of Sustainability at the Fischer Group


RWTH alumna Annika Lipski has been head of the Technology, Advanced Development and Trend Scouting department at the Fischer Group for three years.

She began her career by studying mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University. While still a student, she gained practical experience at Europe's leading research and training institute for plastics processing (IKV) at RWTH. She also completed the Femtec Career Building Program during her studies.

During her doctorate, she became a group leader at the IKV and worked on plastics based on CO2 waste. In addition to economic and technical developments, the focus of her research was on the ecological evaluation of the novel plastics.

During the event, Ms. Lipski will provide personal insights into her career, shed light on her strategies for success, talk about the challenge of combining a management position with her two-year-old son, as well as ways to deal with obstacles, and will be available for questions about her career path and for discussion.

The event is a cooperation of the Femtec Alumnae Association (FTA), the Career Center and the IGaD of RWTH Aachen University and is aimed at female students, the next generation of female scientists at RWTH.

Date: 09.11.2023 at 17:00-18:30 hrs.
Registration: here, max. 80 participants
Location: Online (Zoom)