Medicine & Ethics Seminar at the Medical Faculty Aachen: Sensitization for dealing with deaf patients


The Aachen Medical Faculty is taking a forward-looking step with a seminar that sensitizes future doctors to the special needs of deaf patients.


In Germany, about 1.2 million people use German Sign Language (DGS). The seminar highlights the often overlooked fact that German spoken and written language is a foreign language for the deaf, which can lead to misunderstandings in a medical context.

Participants of the seminar will not only gain insight into the history and culture of the sign language community, but also awareness of the special challenges in dealing with deaf patients. Practical assistance will be provided to improve medical communication in everyday life. Another focus is on the critical reflection of normative problem areas and ethical dilemmas in one's own professional actions.

This innovative initiative of the Medical Faculty Aachen not only creates awareness for an often overlooked patient group, but also sets standards for medical education in the field of inclusion.

Further information can be found on the website of the University Hospital Aachen