DFG Guidelines: Avoiding bias in scientific judgment processes


Avoidance of bias in scientific judgment processes

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is actively committed to avoiding prejudice and bias in scientific judgment processes. The main objective is to ensure that no one is excluded from or disadvantaged in a scientific career due to non-scientific factors. The DFG emphasizes that decisions on the funding of scientific projects should be based on strictly scientific criteria and that personal circumstances should only be taken into account for the benefit of applicants.
However, the DFG recognizes that bias, whether positive or negative, can play a role in the decision-making process. This may relate to gender, origin, health status, family obligations or the applicant's institution of origin. To ensure that decisions are science-led, the DFG provides a short film, recommendations for action and other background material on its website. These resources are intended to help sensitize stakeholders to potential bias and ensure the quality and objectivity of scientific decisions.
Please visit the DFG website to view the film and use the materials provided.