RWTH Series of events für Students: "Because Your Mental Health Matters to us"


RWTH Aachen University, in collaboration with Student Health Management (SGM) and other stakeholders, is offering an exciting series of lectures on the topic of mental health for students.


This series, entitled "Because Your Mental Health Matters To Us", runs from 14 December 2023 to 24 January 2024 and includes a variety of lectures and workshops aimed at raising awareness of mental health and providing practical strategies for well-being.

Highlights include lectures such as "Stress reduction through mindfulness", "Casual instead of stressful - the soul studies with you" and "Good night? - How do you get a good night's sleep?". These and other events cover a wide range of topics, from sleep hygiene and stress management to the importance of social relationships for mental health.

The aim of this series of events is to provide students with tools and knowledge to support them in dealing with the challenges of everyday student life and beyond. It will provide a platform to discuss and promote important aspects of mental health in an academic context.

We cordially invite all students to participate in this important initiative and to actively promote their mental health. Further information on the individual lectures and registration can be found on the website