Universities of science and technology commit to accelerate equality, diversity and inclusion


Under the chair of Professor Doris Klee, Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management & Development at RWTH Aachen University, the Task Force Human Resources of the CESAER network drafted a "Declaration on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion" which has been adopted by the CESAER General Assembly on 18 October 2019 in Paris.


Extract from the press release:

"By 2023, our Members collectively and individually commit to:

  • Increase gender balance in all decision-making levels and advisory boards to at least 30%;
  • Design, implement, monitor and evaluate dedicated policies and plans for equality, diversity and inclusion and implement concrete actions to accelerate them;
  • Set institutional targets for gender equality at levels in our institutions and monitor and communicate on the progress of achievement;
  • Promote a learning community of institutions to learn from each other about equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • Develop guidelines against discrimination at our institutions, including advice about dealing with unconscious bias and other sources of discriminatory behaviour."

For more information see the full text of the declaration.