IGaD theme evening "My way to professorship" with Professor Elisabeth Clausen (RWTH)


RWTH Professor Elisabeth Clausen is the first woman to head an institute nationwide in the field of raw materials extraction. During the event, she will give personal insights into her academic career, highlight her strategies for success and will be available for questions about her career path and for discussion.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Clausen, Head of the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies, RWTH Aachen University

Date: 22.09.2020, 17:00-19:00 h
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Clausen,
Chair of Advanced Mining Technologies, Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering, RWTH Aachen University
Registration: required, max. 40 participants
Location: online via zoom
Costs: none

The event is a cooperation between the IGaD and the Career Center of the RWTH Aachen University and is aimed at female students and young female scientists.