Listen to: "Just language as moral duty" - Lecture by the linguist Anatol Stefanowitsch


The linguist and blogger Anatol Stefanowitsch is professor for the structure of contemporary English at Free University of Berlin. His main focus is (among others) on language politics as well as language and discrimination. His lecture "Just language as a moral duty" from February 12, 2020 is available as a podcast.


Professor Anatol Stefanowitsch gave his lecture in the context of the lecture series "On Dealing with People", which, in reference to Baron von Knigge's book of the same name, dealt with the interdisciplinary handling of people in different historical and cultural contexts. The event was organized by the Dahlem Humanities Center of FU Berlin.

The podcast is available on the website of Deutschlandfunk Nova (de).

As early as 2018 he published the book Eine Frage der Moral: Warum wir politisch korrekte Sprache brauchen (de).