RWTH Professor Sonja Herres-Pawlis receives funding from the Volkswagen Foundation


Since January 2015, Professor Sonja Herres-Pawlis has been holding the professorship at RWTH and is impressing colleagues internationally with her research in the field of catalytically active tyrosinase models and nitrene systems as well as biomimetic electron and charge transfer complexes. Their research results on fast robust lactide polymerization catalysts will enable the sustainable production of tailor-made bioplastics on a large scale in the future.

The funding from the Volkswagen Foundation will be used to create a molecular syntax that will enable machine learning methods to be applied to problems in bioinorganic and sustainable chemistry. The goal is to develop better catalysts more quickly and to better understand their activity.

Congratulations on the funding and good luck for further research!

For further information, please see the RWTH press release