Lecture "Autism is my superpower" by the Representation of students with disabilities and chronic illness (VORSCHUB)


On June 16th the online lecture "Autism is my superpower!" will take place. Under this motto, the representation of students with disabilities and chronic illness (VORSCHUB) would like to clear up the stigma surrounding the topic of autism.


People with this special feature report authentically from their everyday lives - and from both male and female perspectives. The event will be rounded off by one of the leading experts in this field: Prof. Dr. Tony Attwood. He will answer questions on the topic via video interludes. Finally, there will be a discussion round in which participants can contribute their questions on the topic. The lecture will be held in German.

Date: Thursday, June 17th, 4 pm
Location: Online via Big Blue Button
Language: German
Link to the meeting on Big Blue Button: https://bbb.rlp.net/b/ket-qt9-ky4-jsq