2021 "National Report on Junior Scholars"


The report, prepared by an independent scientific consortium led by the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), presents empirical findings on the career paths of doctoral graduates and PhD students, in addition to working and employment conditions, qualification conditions and career prospects after the doctorate. In addition, among other things, equal opportunities and the compatibility of family and academic career are considered. 


It is evident that despite a high desire to have children among young female scientists, a high proportion of female scientists remain childless. Men, on the other hand, have children somewhat more often than women, both in the doctoral and post-doctoral phase; moreover, men start a family more often than women after their appointment. The main reasons for this, as in previous surveys, are career uncertainties as well as lack of compatibility and low monetary security.

The detailed report with all data and research findings as well as an overview of the most important results are available at www.buwin.de.