Digital Futures Day for female students and female PhD students


On December 7, 2020 the next Futures Day for female students and  female PhD students at RWTH will take place digitally. The event is a collaboration between the Equal Opportunities Office, the RWTH Career Center, and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering's Gender Commission to answer all questions concerning the starting and planning of the career.


How do I get off on the right foot when starting my career? Will the future job market offer me new opportunities? How do I want to work later on and what companies reflect my interests? Am I better suited to a career in industry or in science? These are all difficult questions to answer, as there are so many different possibilities. Start a family or focus on your career? Get off to a flying start or find a job with set working hours? And what to do when?

At Futures Day on December 7, 2021, female students and PhD candidates wil have the opportunity to intensely reflect on these questions and to discuss them with HR representatives and recruiters from industry and science in person.

The Digital Futures Day will be followed by a thematically fitting presentation entitled “Erfolgreich kommunizieren - ein Speedcoaching” (Communicating Successfully - A Speed Coaching). 

Date: December 7, 2021, at 2pm

Registration: yes, online registration will be available here from September 29, 2021