Brigitte Gilles Prize 2021: Current call for nominations


Since 2008, RWTH has awarded the annual Brigitte Gilles Prize, which bears the name of the university's first women's representative, Professor Brigitte Gilles. The prize is awarded to projects and measures of an innovative nature that make a significant contribution to improving the working and studying conditions of women or to increasing the number of female students and scientists.


The call for nominations is made both internally at University and externally at schools in order to work towards these goals early on.

The prize winners will be presented with their awards during the annual "RWTHtransparent" event. The first two categories are endowed with 2,500 euros each, while the final thesis category is endowed with 500 euros.

A written nomination or application is possible until November 30, 2021. Further information can be found on this RWTH website.