Current blogpost of IGaD in the framework of the SPEAR project


Female and Male Professors at German Universities: Between autonomy, decision-making power and equality


In the SPEAR blog post of the IGaD, it is assumed that both female and male professors in Germany have a power to act and make decisions that opens up many opportunities for them to participate in decision-making processes within their university. This power comes to bear particulary in the context of committee work. For example, the "gatekeeper function" of professors in appointment procedures is confirmed by securing the access of young academics to high positions. The full blog post, which is based on the dissertation "The balancing act between organizational structures and individual power to act. Gender-Equality(policy) within the framework of the university organization from the perspective of experts and professors" (Ralitsa Petrova-Stoyanov 2021) can be read on the SPEAR website.