Reviewer database of German-language gender studies


A free accessible database that can be used to find reviewers for scientific articles bundles the expertise of German-language gender research in one place and thus supports quality assurance processes.


The database was conceived as part of the BMBF project Open Gender Platform  as one of several offerings designed to facilitate open access publishing in gender research.

Are you interested in supporting the project and the database? Then propose yourself for inclusion in the database here:

It is advantageous for you that...

  • Colleagues can quickly find you based on your research focus and request you for expert opinions.
  • you can signal with your database entry when you are (not) available for reviews.
  • you can visibly communicate your commitment to open publishing and open science.
  • we can make your commitment to quality assurance and Open Access accessible to a broader public as part of our public relations work.

Your name, affiliation, academic status or title, country, e-mail address, disciplinary location, review language, and main areas of work appear in the database. All entries are checked by the project team before publication. A handling of your data according to DSGVO is secured and a deletion is possible at any time.