Poster contribution at conference "Qualität im Hochschulsystem"


The already 16th conference of the Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung based at Justus Liebig University Giessen took place under the title "Qualität im Hochschulsystem" (Quality in the Higher Education System). The agenda was dedicated to the definition and analysis of quality of research, teaching, self-administration and transfer.

The SPEAR poster presented Copyright: © Ela Derek The SPEAR poster presented by Dr. Ralitsa Petrova-Stoyanov, Ramona Liedtke and Nathalie Wolf.

The presented poster focused on the question of the implementation of gender equality concepts at European universities and thereby the structures and actors that are necessary or addressable for a successful implementation of gender equality measures. According to the authors, quality in the higher education system cannot be discussed separately from gender equality in the current academic debate. During the presentation of the poster, which - based on a CoL workshop in 2020 - was developed within the framework of the project, the question "What does GEP implementation mean in concrete terms?" was discussed in depth. It was elaborated that for the development of gender equality plans and for their quality assurance, gatekeepers would first have to be identified and won over to work on the overarching questions on gender equality issues. The identification of these gatekeepers and knowledge of the implementation processes in an organization represented decisive steps for the successful implementation of gender equality measures. The inclusion of heterogeneous status groups ultimately also contributes to the success and quality of the respective measure and ensures high acceptance in the institution. The poster will be published in 2022 in the poster volume of the series "Gießener Beiträge zur Bildungsforschung".