Prof. Claudia Wagner will hold Keynote on Algorithms


Prof. Claudia Wagner is professor for Applied Computational Sciences and holds the chair for Applied Computerbased Social Sciences at RWTH Aachen. She is also chair of the department of Computational Social Science at GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences. The expert in Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination will give a keynote on "The Role of Algorithms in Computational Social Science" at the General Online Research Conference 2022 (GOR) on 09 September 2022.


In this rapidly evolving field of research at the interface of natural sciences, technology, and humanities and social sciences, the focus is not only on methodological challenges in collecting and analyzing digital behavioral data, but also on the influence of digitization on society and research in general.     

In an interview with, she talks about the importance of validity, bias, and ethics for algorithms and previews her keynote at GOR.
The full interview is available on the website.