ENHANCE Conversations: Online Event on "Diversity and Inclusion via Artificial Intelligence"


The public discussion series ENHANCE Conversations brings together eminent speakers to discuss global challenges and seek solutions. It provides a forum for critical thinkers, change and policymakers, entrepreneurs, researchers and interested citizens from Europe and beyond. This year’s topic focuses on “Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equality” and its evident connection to “Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. 


Online Event
"Diversity and Inclusion via Artificial Intelligence. A Game Changer for a more Inclusive Society?" (only ENG)

24 November 2022, 4 to 6 pm

Two interactive panel discussions, among others with Sabine Verheyen (MEP), will explore:

  • Potential and challenges for diversity and inclusion in relation to AI
  • How to use AI to create equal opportunities?
  • Implications of diversity in AI
  • How to use AI to create an inclusive society?
  • What can universities and companies in the AI field do to foster diversity?

The event will be streamed live. For more information and registration please see the ENHANCE website.

The ENHANCE Alliance is part of the ERASMUS+ funding programme for European Universities, powered by the European Commission. The initiative aims to create an innovative framework of European networks, fostering increased student and staff mobility as well as innovative forms of learning and engagement with society.