IGaD Workshop „How to choose the best fitting talents for my team? Avoiding (unconscious) biases in personnel selection”


The Integration Team invites all employees and managers with personnel responsibilites to this workshop with Dr. Tanja Hentschel for sensitization, knowledge and hands-on tips to avoid biases in personnel selection.


Stereotype-free or gender-fair staffing procedures are an important means for increasing the proportion of women at the various status levels.
The workshop invites employees and managers to get sensitized, provides them with the necessary background knowledge and gives suggestions, hints, tools and tips for the gender-fair design of job interviews, work samples and the final decision for the most suitable talents.
Contents include:

  • Providing methods for making unconscious biases in personnel selection visible
  • Sensitization for the use of language and linguistic attributions in personnel selection procedures and job interviews
  • Exercises, tools and a checklist for gender-fair recruitment procedures

The workshop will be conducted in English.
Dr. Tanja Hentschel has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam since 2017 and a freelance trainer on the topics of personnel selection, gender stereotypes and biases, diversity-conscious recruiting and management, leadership and career planning since 2013.

The registration is open via Antrago. Please follow this link.