Annual Magazine "Concretely Designed: Equity, Fairness and Diversity"


Since 2021, IGaD publishes a bilingual annual magazine presenting ist tasks, highlights, projects and programs, events and the team of the past calendar year.


Apart from those, each issue focuses on a main topic. The issue for 2020 took junior professorships as its focus topic. The 2021 issue focuses on Gender Equality Plans in higher education institutions, while the one for 2022 focuses on the composition and significance of the RWTH Diversity Strategy.

The title "Concretely Designed: Equity, Fairness and Diversity" expresses IGaD's goals of actively shaping equal opportunities for the diversity of all university members, regardless of gender, life situations or socio-cultural backgrounds. IGaD supports and advises all higher education institutions in taking gender and diversity perspectives into account, accompanies the development or implementation of corresponding measures, and thus makes its contribution to an open university culture in which people's diversity is met positively and their respective potentials are valued.

The magazine is designed in DIN A5 format and is available for download below.