Please Mind the Gap! Relations between Migration and Gender within Integration and Migration Research


Under this title the DeZIM research community invites you to its second Networking Meeting on November 12, 2020 (online or offline attendance). At the same time it launches its Call for Abstracts for Junior Scholars in the DeZIM Workshop Series.


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The global Covid-19 pandemic and worldwide debates on racism in 2020 showed the relevance of migration and gender and their interdependencies within society and for the first time became strikingly visible in public. In view of this, DeZIM is placing its invitation to the second networking meeting and its call for the DeZIM Workshop Series under the question of the relationship between migration and gender in integration and migration research.

Network Meeting for all Status Groups

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together scholars from all status groups in the DeZIM research community who focus on gender and migration research. Interested scholars can register for the meeting until October 15th.

Call for Abstracts for Junior Scholars (DeZIM-Workshop Series)

As part of the workshop program, master students, doctoral candidates and post-docs with a focus on migration and gender are invited to present their work. Interested Junior Scholars are welcome to submit a short abstract of maximum 300 characters including a title by September 20th.

For further information, including registration, see Post-it on this page.