Diversity Advice & Offers for Faculties, Central Service Institutions & the Central University Administration

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Equality, equal opportunities and the appreciation of diversity are fundamental principles of the university culture at RWTH Aachen University - also in research, teaching, studies and careers. To support faculties and (central) institutions in taking gender and diversity into account in their work and in developing and implementing appropriate measures, IGaD offers a comprehensive consulting service.


Our consulting services

Gender and Diversity Knowledge Program

All members of the university can take part in our Gender and Diversity Knowledge Program. This includes faculty members - academics, (junior) professors, other managers, dean's office staff - as well as employees of the university administration or at central institutions. For more information, please visit our website.

Development and implementation of measures

We provide support in the development of tailor-made measures for faculties and institutions and in organizational questions regarding their implementation. Please feel free to contact us with your concerns, ideas and questions





    Gender- and diversity-appropriate design of faculty websites

    • We review the text and visual language of your web pages and provide you with constructive feedback.
    • We create a template for the gender & diversity content of your web presence, which we update regularly.
    *** RWTH-Video "Gendergerechte Sprache" ***

    Unconscious Bias in personnel selection/ Gender-fair job advertisements

    Unconscious assumptions and prejudices have a significant influence on our everyday behavior. This so-called Unconscious Bias has a proven influence on personnel selection. The equality-oriented, transparent and fair design of personnel selection procedures begins with the job advertisement.

    The language used in job postings has a significant impact on the size of the pool of applicants you can draw from when filling positions. Gender-fair language in job postings significantly increases the proportion of female applicants, but also appeals equally to male applicants.

    With the following webtools you can check your job advertisement texts independently:

    • Gender Decoder, German-language (developed by the Chair of Research and Science Management under the direction of Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, TU Munich)
    • Gender Decoder, English language (developed by Kat Matfield)

    We would also be happy to advise you personally on the wording of your job advertisements.